Discuss The Key Grounds for Divorce with The Ronald Phillips New York Team of Legal Experts

In New York, before you file a suit for divorce, you should meet the requirements for residency and have a legal ground for it. This ground should be accepted by the courts of law for the divorce as well. There are certain ways for you to meet the residency requirement in the state of New York. They are:

  1. Either you or your spouse has been living in the state for at least two years before the commencement of the divorce case.
  2. Either you or your spouse has been living in the state continuously for at least a year before you started the divorce suit,and:
  • You got married in the state.
  • You have loved in the state as a married couple.
  • The grounds for divorce took place in the state.
3. Both of you should be residents of New York State on the date of the commencement of the divorce, and the grounds for the divorce began here.

The Ronald Phillips, New York team, explains the primary grounds for divorce

Ronald Phillips is a widely respected divorce lawyer in New York State and has many years of experience under his belt when it comes to managing the divorce of many couples here. He is skilled in the field of entrepreneurship and has an interest in cameras and electronics as well. The Ronald Phillips New York team of legal experts is skilled and proficient when it comes to helping their clients get a hassle-free divorce in the state.

They say when it comes to divorce in New York State, the following are the primary grounds out of the seven grounds for divorce-

  1. Irretrievable breakdown in relationship for a period of at least six months- This is known as no-fault divorce, and in order to use this ground, the marriage should be over for at least six months, and the economic matters with the inclusion of debt and marital property should be divided. The support and the custody of children should be settled as well.
  2. Inhuman and cruel treatment- The court needs to look into specific incidences of cruelty that might have taken place in the last five years. It is not enough if the parties to the suit did not get along with each other. The cruelty should be serious enough that Plaintiff is mentally and physically unsafe.
  3. Abandonment-To use the above ground, the spouse should have abandoned the Plaintiff for at least one year or more than that. The two examples of abandonment where the spouse leaves home without an intention of returning or the spouse refuse to have sex with the other is an example of constructive abandonment.

To understand on what grounds, you can dissolve your marriage with your spouse, the Ronald Phillips New York team advises you to consult a good lawyer for your case. You should understand how the divorce will affect you, your spouse, and your kids before you take the final plunge.

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