Hind Louali Discusses What Makes Learning French a Good Idea

Hind Louali mentions that job applicants who are proficient in at least two languages are likely to be at a distinct advantage in the global market. Anyone who has a good knowledge of French can be a part of This leads to better mental agility, decision making, and attention span. In fact, bilingualism has also been linked to reducing the risk of age-related cognitive decline.

Hind Louali marks the advantageous aspects of choosing to learn French

The French language is spoken on five continents, and is among the six official languages of the UN. It is the working language of international relations, and an official language of UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the European Union, the International Red Cross, and international courts. French speakers are in high demand across all Peace Corps assignment sectors in the United States. Basically, if a person wants to pursue a career with an international organization, learning French would be a must.

It has official-language status in 29 countries. These nations include Canada, Haiti, Belgium, Mali, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, and more.  French is an inherently valuable and widely accepted language. No matter what happens in the future, a language that has this much spread is in no danger of disappearing within the foreseeable future. as individuals gain better insights into diverse perspectives and worldviews. It also helps in improving their appreciation for diversity, and overall tolerance level, as well as the ability to navigate intercultural interactions with respect and open-mindedness.

In many occupations the knowledge of a second language, especially a widely popular one like French, is extremely important. Canada is an officially bilingual country and requires labeling in English and French on all imported products. More than a thousand French companies have subsidiaries in the United States. France is a world leader in the development of modern telecommunications, which is a market with immense growth potential. recognizes French as an official language. Hence, after learning French one can explore lucrative job opportunities with import-export companies, airlines, and other international businesses.

As French is a foreign language of choice for so many people in the world, the knowledge of this language would increase the odds of a person being able to communicate smoothly in a non-English speaking country.  Moreover, as about 40 to 50% of English vocabulary comes from French, the study of this language would also enhance the grammar skills of a person, on the whole. As one becomes more proficient in French, they would also be able to sharpen their English speaking skills. Moreover, being bilingual can also help people to improve their memory and problem-solving skills.

As Hind Louali mentions, As the world progresses towards globalization, bilingualism has become pretty valuable in the job market, especially if one speaks a popular language like French or Spanish. Many employers today seek candidates who can effectively communicate with international clients, partners, and colleagues. Bilingual individuals hence have a competitive edge, as they are able to bridge language and cultural gaps much better than the others, and expand their career options both domestically and internationally.

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