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Web Design and Development for Absolute Beginners

If you have stumbled upon here, it is safe to assume that you might have a couple of queries that are left unanswered regarding the aspects of launching your very own website. However before doing so, it is important to understand what really entails designing and developing your very own website… and are you even in need of one right now? Moreover, why it is important to you and what your end goal. This article will help you understand the very basics and provide you with the help that you require to begin.

Who Needs A Website?

Anyone, in simple terms….. Websites are so diverse, anyone can create them for their own unique objective. Businesses of all scales, starting from small indie brands to multibillion dollar corporates, all host their products and services on their own dedicated websites. E-commerce is a popular web based business, however websites come in handy for people who like to display their professional work as their portfolio. It’s also a great way to garner an audience towards a niche through blog posting. All these and more contribute to various uses for a website.

Are You In Need Of An Audience?

If you require an audience for your work or business, then it is advised to have a well-designed website. Evidence shows that the more traffic that you have on your website, the more likely you are to reach out to a wider audience.

You may want to categorise your work or business’s objective so that you can contend against various rivals while analysing the current demands of the client, an employer or a reader. A website can play a crucial role in determining the longevity of the work or business, the more adaptable and flexible it is, the longer it has the ability to engage directly users.

The Importance Of Website Design And Development

An effectively designed website contributes to a healthy interaction between the end users and its creators. The website has the capacity to host multiple visitors plus all the incoming data as well as manages the data too. The design of the website caters to the needs of the ones who visit it frequently. The easier and faster it is, the better. Development is done by programming the website to present itself with interactive features aimed to assist the end users. Security of the website is now a very pressing concern for the developers and is worked on very aggressively.

Do You Need To Know How To Program?

Luckily for all non-programmers out there, there are loads of free tools to help create the perfect website that fits your needs. Some website development companies offer a wide range of services that not only allow you to design a website but host and manage it as well. Examples below.

Wix, GoDaddy, SquareSpace and Weebly are just some of the very accessible websites to help visualise your dream website.

We have, as a team, used all of the above, and they’re fine if you don’t mind clunkiness and restricted options for design.

We build all of our website using WordPress. Everything is optional. The programme allows for beginners to learn, and professional to push the boundaries.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Beginners

You may need to understand a little about SEO, but we can also help with that. To begin with it is very daunting, but after a while it becomes second nature.

SEO For Beginners

Have a look at our Improve Your SEO blog.

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