What Are The Different Components Of The Sailpoint?

Sailpoint was a tool of identity governance that was open-source and provided access to the acceleration of the market and simplification. Identity IQ provides a governance system of cohesive identity that ensures efficiency. The components of identity IQs are accountable for access demands of end-to-end meetings, certifications for automating access, provisioning services, and implementing protocols. You can learn many things from cloud foundation as they provide affordable discounts for every learner.

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The major components of sailpoint are –

  • IdentityIQ Compliance Manager aids companies in enhancing the efficiency of enforcement and audit by decreasing costs. In this component, the features that are available for the users are audit reporting, certifications for accessing business-friendly, management of automated compliance, and analytics.
  • IdentityIQ Identity Intelligence will make the visibility of 360 degrees to ensure the identification of data and detect risks quickly. It helps in detecting compliance issues quickly, which allowed for increased performance and improved in making decisions.
  • IdentityIQ Password Manager handles the passwords of the user, which guaranteed to decrease in operational costs and an improvement in efficiency. The important features of this component are the policy of strong password sync and compliance and the protection of self-service passwords.
  • The modules of integration and connectors are very important parts of identity IQ. They help in cloud-based incorporation and data and applications on-premises. They promote smooth integration of identity with other software of operations and IT security.
  • The life cycle manager of identity IQ was an important part that provides strategies related to business-focused for maintaining access that is cost-effective and safe. Automatic provisioning and permission requests of self-service are the best examples.
  • The Governance Program of identity IQ lay ground levels for risk control by recognition of data centrally. It acts as a single platform for accessing policies, roles, business processes, and risks.

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