Charles Spinelli Speaks How Employee Benefits Can Boost Employee Experience

Employee benefits and employee experience go hand in hand. In fact, employee experience has become a hot market ‘buzz’ since it is proven that a greater employee experience is an immense resource for the overall success of a company. The benefits can be anything excluding their monthly income and may include health insurance, wellness programs, flexible work schedules, retirement benefits, or participating in corporate events and so on. Many businesspersons wonder what good employee experience is and what it constitutes! According to Charles Spinelli, good employee experience is an outcome of a workforce that feels motivated to come together, helps each other, offers support, and collaborates in productive and meaningful ways.

According to the professional, employee experience constitute everything that includes

  • A feeling among employees that they are financially secure and safe 
  • A feel that employers are caring for
  • Recognition of their work and achievements
  • Open and better relationships with managers
  • Better technology that enables them to carry out their jobs successfully
  • Scope of learning
  • Opportunities to develop
  • An encouraging environment

Tips for Employee Benefits

Coverage with Health Insurance

The cost of healthcare in reliable private medical facilities with hospitalization is rising like anything. This could be stressful while coverage of employees with health insurance makes them feel secure and protected. While planning to provide benefits, the foremost thing that employers can do for their employees is caring their well-being, and that starts with a health insurance plan.

In-House Wellness Facility

Additionally to encourage individual health, enabling the employees to take part in health awareness sessions by arranging in-house fitness and exercise facility can be a great idea to motivate them in getting together to promote fitness and health among the workforce. The benefit can make employees highly motivated, stress-free and energized.

Sponsor Engaging Events for Employees

The intense workload with the need of meeting deadlines and its consequential stress can be draining for the employees. A great way to motivate them and lower their stress level is to arrange office gatherings for involving them in different events. Charles Spinelli sets an example that many establishments today organize a ‘Friday’ cultural event where various sorts of recreational activities both indoor and outdoor are organized before the weekend.

Outdoor events may include gathering in team dinners, organizing karaoke nights, go-karting, etc. Apart from refreshment, the employees will be encouraged for having a space to work out for ultimate fitness. This will make them refreshed to start their next week and this will lead to fewer sick leaves.

No Dress Code

A study shows that a whopping 93% of employees remark that they feel comfortable and happy without a dress code policy at the workplace. In fact, more and more establishments are now adopting this new culture of casual dressing. According to experts, while dress code is critical for certain areas like services, police, and fire brigade, in a business where employee experience is the main objective, meeting a certain standard of casual dressing should be the aim to stay productive.     

Involve Employees in Business Policies and Decisions

Another great example of employee benefits is allowing them to involve in the decision-making process and policies within the establishment. Organizing a monthly meeting can be a consistent way to keep the staff aligned with the current system and activities going on in the establishment. They should be allowed to share their personal views on the betterment and developments in the in-house management of the establishment for smooth functioning and ease of work. This will make them feel valued and make them loyal to the company.  

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