Miki Agrawal on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Life Enrichment

There are few people in life who can lay a claim to the title of innovator, entrepreneur, and disruptor.

The founder of TUSHY, Miki Agrawal, launched her innovative company in 2014 to bring bidet attachments to the masses. This disruptive product was easy to install and could be affixed to just about any toilet in under 10 minutes. By 2017, TUSHY had begun to generate actual profits and by 2021 the company was rapidly expanding its product line. With the growth of TUSHY, founder Miki Agrawal‘s profile has also risen.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at Miki’s career accomplishments, her thoughts on entrepreneurship, and how she’s embracing life enrichment along the way.

Road to Entrepreneurship

Miki Agrawal was born in Canada with both Japanese and Indian heritage through her parents. Devoted to and supported by her family, Miki has turned to her personal side to machinate the success that she now enjoys. Miki’s husband, Andrew, is her biggest supporter as well as a collaborator, while their son, Hiro Happy, has provided the life enrichment she needed to stay grounded amidst her rapidly growing entrepreneurial empire.

With a diversity of perspectives thanks to her upbringing and work history, Miki Agrawal was able to bring something different to the world. Agrawal stated in an interview with The Fashionable Housewife, “Life has been willing to guide me in the right direction as long as I was willing to let it.”

This idea that life could find a way so long as she was willing to let it lead would bring Miki Agrawal to some of her biggest entrepreneurial discoveries. Agrawal would play for the New York Magic as a professional soccer player before shifting to video production work following two injuries. A short time later, Agrawal would use her little cooking experience to establish her own farm-to-table dining establishment in New York City. Despite debuting in 2005, the business continues to thrive to this day with three locations under a partner’s new management.

After several other discoveries, including the Thinx sustainable women’s underwear, Miki would come upon the bidet that changed everything. With a natural disdain for traditional toilet paper, as well as its impact on the environment, Miki was able to craft a product that was important to her and good for the world, thus bringing us to TUSHY.

Slowing Down and Enjoying Life

Despite her experiences and successful endeavors as an entrepreneur, Miki understands that there is much more to life than her fast-paced workdays. In fact, disrupt-her Miki Agrawal often grounds herself within what she calls her ‘oasis of calmness’, otherwise known as the big red brick church in Williamsburg, a neighborhood within Brooklyn. Andrew, Hiro, and Miki all spend time there as their primary residents, enjoying the historical features as well as the comfort that family provides.

Despite her appeal for comfort, Miki is still focused on expanding her disruptive tendencies within the market. Now, Agrawal is focused on bringing attention to the IVF Process as she and Andrew work on bringing another member to their family.  Miki says, “I just want to show everyone that we can be disrupt-hers of our own lives and help make the future better.”

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