MYA Hookah’s Genie Coco and Coco Resto Charcoals Are Gaining in Popularity

World class hookahs and flavorful tobacco are not the only items renowned hookah manufacturer MYA Hookah is selling these days.   MYA Hookah’s Genie Coco and Coco Resto charcoals are among the best selling in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and are gaining in popularity with individual users, lounges, and tobacco shops throughout the USA too.  The reason? The product is 100% natural, and is made with no chemicals or additives. MNY Hookah’s Genie Coco and Coco Resto charcoal are quality coals that won’t interfere with the flavor of your tobacco.

What can you expect from MYA Hookah Genie Coco and Coco Resto charcoal products? 100% natural coals made from coconut shells. The coals have very low ash deposits and maintain solidity for a longer lasting burn time. The coals are not only sparkless and odorless, they also heat to the ideal temperature for molasses to avoid burning. Plus, no trees were cut to make the product.

“MYA takes great pride is developing the best products in the world for the hookah enthusiast,” states CEO and President of the MYA North/South America Mahmoud Badawi. “Only the finest ingredients go into our coals ensuring a product that is 100% natural, odorless, and lasts a long time.”

MYA Hookah’s charcoal line has recently been featured in some creative and exciting social media ads developed by Dutchmasterz TV, and can be found online at:

Be sure to head to to see the full MYA Hookah line of charcoal products available for purchase and visit MYA Hookah online at

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