A Beginner’s Guide to Getting an Air Conditioner Estimate

Next to mortgage, electricity bills are considered among the biggest costs of running a household. Central air conditioner makes up an integral part of your utilities, and the older the system is, the less is its reliability.

If you are planning on upgrading your air conditioner or installing one for the first time, please request an estimate from a professional, experienced, and qualified HVAC consultant.

The right consultant will analyze your requirements, keep you informed, and complete the project within a stipulated period.

Asking the Correct Questions

The experts providing air conditioner repair Baltimore said you must begin your research by checking out feedbacks, asking friends and colleagues for recommendations, and chalking down the questions worth asking.

For homeowners who are opting for an HVAC consultant, mentioned below are a few crucial questions and follow-ups that streamline the entire procedure to a great extent.

  1. What capacity or size I need for cooling my home properly? Size matters because a rightly sized AC will run a full cycle while ensuring that a space remains cooler for a prolonged period.

To calculate, multiply the width of the room with its length. Then multiply the result with 25 BTU to get the sufficient cooling for the room under various weather conditions.

For instance, if a room is 10 feet wide and 15 feet long, it comes to 150 square feet. 150 x 25 BTU is 3750 BTU. This is the minimum cooling capacity of an AC that you must purchase.

  • Are there new air conditioning technologies? Heat pump is an innovation that replaces the refrigerants used in conventional ACs. It assures energy efficiency and is quieter, slender, and more attractive.

Membrane-based technology aims to optimize the water cooling properties and contributes to the roof mounted ACs. It offers cooling solutions but eliminates the use of refrigerants and other harmful chemicals.

Personalized cooling cloud offer air conditioning to places that requires it the most. It makes sure no energy is lost in cooling or heating the whole house or room. This AC is equipped with motion tracking, or in other words, it can sense people and track their location and speed.

  • What is the duration of installation? Before scheduling an installation, your consultant will meet with you and carry out an in-house walkthrough. They will take into account certain factors like the square footage of the house, the age of the house, the amount and type of insulation, the condition of the ducts, etc.

Generally speaking, the typical installation will take somewhere between five and nine hours.

References and Reputation

A well-known electrician Montgomery County said a renowned AC contractor will unhesitatingly answer the aforementioned questions and any others you may have when seeking an estimate. In addition, the contractor would be glad to furnish the references from other household owners they have maintained within your locality.

A top-notch, efficient system that is installed can offer several years of comfort, while keeping the electricity bills in control.

Being prepared with the correct questions for the estimator will let you comprehend your house’s cooling requirements and enable you to arrive at an informed decision if you are planning on buying a brand-new AC.

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