Revature Discusses How to Prepare for the First Job Interview After Graduation

Job interviews are a great way to create a lasting impression on the employer and impress them instantly. In addition to the experience and education of a person, their attitude, social skills, ability to communicate and poise will also be evaluated during such interviews. Proper preparation is the key to acing such interviews.  That’s the reason why even top tech talent development companies like Revature puts emphasis on helping their trainees to get ready for such interviews.

Revature shares valuable insights into preparing for first job interview after graduation

One would get used to competition during their college. Right from internships to scholarships, students have to compete at every step with their peers. However, if they think that applying for scholarships is similar to a job hunt, then it is imperative to note that the sphere of employment is a much more competitive landscape. Just landing a job interview after college is never enough. One has to go beyond the usual, and try their best to impress the potential the employer during the interview to land the job. Here are a few tips that can help a recent college graduate to get their first real job out of school:

  • Prepare to the core:  It is widely understood that preparation is the key to succeeding in job interviews. Anyone truly desiring a job has to show that they have put enough effort to do their home work. Preparation does not just imply to skimming through the website of a company. Candidates need to dig deeper and try to gain a good understanding of the culture of the company, its important offerings, its leadership and so on. When preparing for some tech based job, brushing up on technical skills and knowledge is also vital. After graduation, one can even join companies like Revature to get trained in some of the most in-demand tech skills, to increase their odds of impressing the employers during job interviews.
  • Draft stories: The interviewer would want to know how their current skills complement the job requirements. The ideal way of demonstrating this would be to draft stories about prior achievements and experiences. Facts about qualifications and achievements can simply be read on the resume, and hence putting stress upon them through stories would be a smart choice. One must see to it that their stories and to the point and interesting.
  • Focus on the strengths: No candidate is perfect. Hence, they should not provide the interviewer with the chance to talk about where they lack. Rather, it is better to lay emphasis on the strength one has, which clearly shows that they are competent enough to succeed at the job. In case a person does not have any real-world experience to boast of, they can talk about their fast learning and adapting abilities.

Candidates must also prepare their own questions for the interviewer. At the end of a graduate job interview, most candidates are asked whether or not if they have any queries. Hence, it is important to ask smart and relevant questions to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the employers.

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