Can High Testostoterone Level Can Do Anything Good For Men? Explore The Fact From Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

When talking about testosterone, most men feel worried and often wonder if they have an adequate percentage of it. It surely matters since low T affect them with a host of issues relating to their physical, emotional, mental, and sexual health. Noteworthy, that the vast majority do not know high testosterone in males is equally problematic as low testosterone. The good news, as per studies by the American Urological Association 40% of adults and 20% of men under age 40 are victims of low T, while high T is relatively uncommon. In a press conference, the physicians of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic stated that even though individuals with a surplus of T can come across issues like mood changes, sleep disorders, skin issues, lower sperm count, low libido, and more.

If left untreated, High T tends to increase blood pressure and raise cholesterol, while making the sufferer highly susceptible to heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. Some of the major signs of high testosterone include low sperm count, enlargement of the prostate, damage to heart health, weight gain, sleeplessness, aggressiveness, and excessive hair growth all over the body.

What is the Normal Level of Testosterone in Male?

Being the primary male sex hormone, testosterone regulates muscle strength, boosts bone density, sex desire, production of sperm, etc. produced in the testes, it starts generating during puberty and reaches the peak point in the mid-30s, and thereafter it starts declining by around one percent every year.

As per the experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, depending on the age, the normal testosterone level in men is 270 to 1,060 ng ( nanograms)/ dl. The research there also gives a more broken down counting on normal T level as stated below:

  • T levels of males in their 40s – 250–915 ng/dl
  • T levels of males in their 50s – 215–875 ng/dl
  • T levels of males in their 60s: 194–849 ng/dl
  • T levels of males in their 70’s: 153–815 ng/dl

Diagnosing High Testosterone

Those who believe struggling their life with high testosterone are suggested to take consult physicians of well-known facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic where the diagnosis of high testosterone by following the steps:  

  • First, a physical examination is convened wherein a physician examines for signs and symptoms of High T. They also ask about their problems with the mindset like mood disorder, lack of libido, etc.
  • This follows a blood test to evaluate the testosterone level of the person. They also check their cholesterol, blood sugar level, and blood pressure. Typically for testosterone check-ups, blood is drawn in the morning since secretion

Treatment Process 

Depending on the underlying cause of high testosterone in an imbalance in the hormone, the method of treatment differs and that may include

Stopping the use of medication like steroid

If the reason for high testosterone is a consequence of the intake of anabolic steroid use or supplements, the doctor recommends stopping its use immediately.

Treating tumors

Although in rare cases, a tumor is likely to produce the sex hormone and that increases its level. In that case, surgery is the ideal way. Other ways include radiation therapy or chemotherapy


Medications such as steroid synthesis inhibitors, alpha-reductase inhibitors, etc. can help lower high testosterone levels for people with underlying conditions.

People who have gone through testosterone replacement therapy should make sure to have routine appointments, to let the doctor evaluate the progression.

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